International Grandmaster Richard Buchan

Founder of Modern Sento Ryu

Grandmaster Buchan’s journey in the martial arts began in the art of  Judo at the age of eight years old in 1970.  In the 1980’s, he began studying Sento principles and concepts with his teacher Grandmaster Raymond Hayes. Since the 1980’s he has also continued his study in the arts of Arnis and Brazilian Jujitsu. Mr Buchan continues to practice and share the arts across numerous countries. With 54 years in the martial arts, Mr. Buchan has worked hard to complete the combat system capsulized in the term “Sento Ryu”. Mr Buchan’s Grandmaster rank is recognized through the International Martial Arts & Culture Federation of Japan and is signed by the Vice Minister of Defense-Japan. He severed in the Canadian military as an infantry solider and has trained special forces, police services, major crime squads and has taught many martial art masters internationally. Countries Instructed in: Canada, Ecuador, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, United States, Scotland & Cuba.




The study of zero range combat systems

The History

The Samurai were the strongest military force to have stride across Yatan. When Samurai were first trained, they quickly filled Yatan’s ranks. Before Samurai, soldier’s were mostly just typical medieval soldiers. However, there were many periods where specialized soldiers were favoured, but nothing like the all-around usefulness of Samurai. In modern Yatan, Samurai have been made null, but nations still trained and maintained large Samurai armies. The Sento concepts and principles date back as far as the 12th century until the late 1870’s.

The Next Generation

Sento Ryu

Sento Ryu – Translated “Combat Way”  or “ School of Combat Principles ” . It is the use and study of zero range combat  (Japanese: ゼロレンジコンバット, Zerorenjikonbatto, which translates to zero range combat. It is not a style but rather a method – the study of natural laws, principles and concepts. Known in the modern age as Sento Ryu. Today, Mr Buchan is the only living instructor passing down the art of Sento Ryu.